Today is the last day of the quarter. It is window dressing time, the market should be up today Monday June 30th.

This morning I got an email from a guy I worked with years ago in Wall St. He is smart, he is a lawyer, we will call him TI, he gave me five or six suggestions concerning my Market Call Video. He said:

Frankie your 1987 crash call was great but at that time you showed every one in the Risk Arb. Dpt. some charts,  each with a reason for your Crash Prediction to come true.  But this time no charts, no reasons…

I said :

TI that’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for. There must be a thousand Market Call Videos on You Tube, all saying the same thing: By 2015 the Market will crash! or  Hey 6 to 9 month from now the Market will go down or up!  and they all have a 10 or 15 charts with reasons. This or that will happen.

This is not a prediction, this is a guess.

Hell! anything can happen in 6, 9 or 12 months, bullish or bearish and sometimes both. It is like talking to an analyst for half an hour and then he says, on the other hand. Please, give me a one handed analyst.

I did take TI aside one of the days after the crash an explained to him the 87 crash was easy to call. All the indexes were hitting new highs while the advance-decline line was tanking, going down, a  major negative divergence.

I finished this morning conversation with TI by saying  RE READ MY OPENING STATEMENT:






BH, Buy and Hold equals BS, Bullshit

It’s all over. Remember this date. Big correction starting now:  2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon June 24th. Stay in touch for next update. Stock market is not rigged, if it was rigged and it has been going up for the last five years, who would give a shit if it was rigged. Following blogs will explain why psychology is 90% of this game, it has more to do with instinct and market feel, the other 10% to me is useless I will leave that to the MBA’s and Quant guys to argue about. In the next few days we will talk about BH – BS. (Too many black swans) (Bull Markets do die of old age and so do Bear Markets) Love from Peru.


Worked  35 years in Wall Street as a Risk Arbitrage Trader at A.G. Backer and Bank Paribas North America, now retired living in Peru but he can’t get the game out of his system because he loved it so much and he still does. Buy Puts sell Calls get out of Stocks and have a nice summer!

“The reason I started this Blog is because just as I called the New Bull Market in August 1982 due to a Business Magazine article which claimed that equities are dead this pissed me off. Today I am just as pissed off because for the third time in as many weeks I have read some jokers saying that the Market is now going to 30,000, 40,000 and even 50,000. If you still believe in BH, Buy and Hold just ask the guy who bought GE at 70 or the guy who bought Sun –Micro Systems at about the same price (60 or 70) and you might hear aloud roar in the room BS. Miss my Kids in the States Talk to you soon! “ M. Frank Anastasi In case you think I am crazy contact me and tell me so at: