I STILL HAVE A BAD FEELING. “My bad feeling is that the tipping point has been reached!”

January 27th 2015
But before I start, there are two things more important that I would like to talk about.
Today marks the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz and the other death camps. To me it marks the worst period in human history and shouldn’t be forgotten ever. It should stand as a constant reminder of how twisted the human mind can get.
“I ain’t no senators son, I ain’t not fortunate one”
There is something that is bothering me for some time now; I can’t keep it in anymore. I know I promised my two sons that I wouldn’t curse anymore in my blogs but sometimes, well.
“Boots on the grounds” when I hear this I want to cry then I want to throw out.
There are human feet in those boots, connected to human legs, connected to human torso with hands, arms and the head in these boots.
I beg you TV people, politicians and any other fucking idiots who uses these words. Please, forget this phrase. Please use the word “Troops or fighting men”.
They deserve better than that, a lot better than boots on the ground.
Thank you.
How bad is my bad feeling?, BAD, about Dow 15,000 BAD. For all of you who got “out of the pool” and into a 100% cash Thanksgiving week. Here is Game plan “A” Reinvest 20% at 16,000, 30% at 15,500 and 50% at 15,000. And naturally this is subject to change probably for the worst.
I am sorry is Dow 15,000 scares you but that may actually be too high.
If Russia and China do join together to destroy our dollar then 10,000 to 12,000 Dow could be possible.
Russia and China working together to kill our currency is my greatest fear. My second great fear is the Swiss movement which I thought was supposed to be a refined and precised like a Swiss watch unpegging is currency from the Euro, was more like a Three Stooges movie and I think there is a lot more bad stuff to come from this precised and refined movement.
Hey if you are worried about the US Dollar you can always buy Real Estate in Peru or probably anywhere in the world to protect your money
And if you have $20 million dollars lying around we are friendly with a Real Estate person who has a cooper and zinc mine for sale.
I call the mines here in Peru, triple deckers, you dig a little and you get zinc and cooper, you dig a little more you get gold and silver, dig even deeper and you hit oil.
In my last blog I wrote a negative article on Tesla comparing it to the Tucker. Hmm Tesla was at 2.25 at the time it recently traded around 190, some 35 points lower. I should have bought puts. Oh well that’s one for the should have, would have, could have account.
So, the IRS may have to delay tax refund payments. Hmmm, scary. Suppose they can’t pay them at all.
An old co-worker and friend of mine just retired December 25th Christmas day. He is probably one of the hardest working guys I have ever met in Wall Street: Barry Shenkman good luck and best wishes on this final chapter of life. I love you.
“What would you say if I sang a tune?” Joe Cocker, you and your music gave hours of happy entertainment. RIP.
Florida schools ban Bibles in classrooms to appease atheist and Satanist, the era of Antichrist is upon us. It all started in the 1970’s when the courts in California voted to take out “One nation under God from the pledge of allegiance. I want to thank all those educated asshole judges for ushering in the period of the Antichrist which is gaining strength almost daily.
ISIS is just warming up. It’s the beginning. Am I mad? You bet you fucking ass I am! Bring back God to the classroom and homes.
So Putin vows to slash the price of vodka, after he put all the Russians citizens in near bankruptcy and with runaway inflation about to come all because exceptions against his country as a result of his trying to invade Ukraine. I said it, in an early blog: You know Russia is going to invade Ukraine.
This week Russians tanks rolled into Ukraine. That’s an invasion to me.
Falling oil prices were not his fault, he should be happy he has something to sell.
He should replace the water in the drinking water system with 100% vodka, free of charge.
Cheers Putin!
PS The Market is ready to crash. Fall down go bum!



So, our last blog, Thanksgiving week, we told everyone OUT OF THE POOL, into 100% Cash and I said we might buy them back at the Mid December lows, which actually occurred Mid December, on or about Dec 15th but I couldn’t pull the trigger, I couldn’t say buy!. I just had a bad feeling about this market.
Most of my Market Calls are from Technical Analysis (75%) some calls from Fundamental Analysis about (20%) but every once in a while, just from my overall feelings, good or bad, I call this my Gut Feeling. Sometimes it’s my best indicator and right now my gut feeling is fear almost panic. I don’t think the Market can take any more bad news. Yes, the economy is still doing better, slowly. I said the US will be back on top again, because God is behind this country. Every dollar in this country is backed by God. It says that on every dollar “In God we trust” but the rest of the world is still coming apart. Last week Putin said the ruble found a floor, now the news said the ruble it dropped another 7% overnight Monday. Greece market slips 8% on an Athens vote. There are not too many more 7 or 8% left till 0%. Oh! And Germany cools towards Russian investments. I think I’ll sit out January.
Well its 6:40 am Monday December 29th I am up since 4 am and I can’t stop all the crazy thoughts running through my head. So I have to write. The S+P Futures are down-3.75, the Dow futures down -37.00. The S+P x (times) 10. The Dow is back. Since my last blog when I first mentioned that numbers game 80% of the time it was out of whack. Meaning the Dow was only 5x (times) the S+P or did the fed realize they could control more stocks by buying S+P futures and thus making the Advance-Decline Line looking a lot better that we have usually seen or did I just stumble upon a new indicator. Since my “Dow 30 Video Game” blog I got a lot of. “Frank you are getting really crazy “emails” I just wrote it off as Dementia or Alzheimer. I am 71 about the time this shit starts. Then a friend sent me a copy of a blog Moz or moskickherbutt@ written by a future Trader with 35 years’ experience, who said the Fed has been nudging the S+P futures for the last 3-4 years and said he knows which S+P brokers and Traders handle orders for the Fed. His Blog came out 2 days after I said “Dow 30 Video Game “blog.
I try to go back than earlier emails to find it but no luck. I have over 11,000 emails on my computer, most unread. How many can the computer hold?
Thank you John Wagner! to send me the blog.
So now, we know why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even though their businesses or companies owned by the rich are still losing money or barely making any, save for financial engineering. They are all making millions on their stock holding and massive positions in the companies they own. Thanks to the Fed, lower interest rates, and easy money
The only sad part about this whole scenario that really hurts me is the suicides of 15 or 20 bankers. This is the only Bull Market (from March 2009 till now) that has not seen any real corrections. 10% or more.
They never gave the shorts a chance to cover. It’s been like perpetual short covering death trap and it’s the only Bull Market that has seen Banker suicides.
I’m sure if they really investigate each suicide incident, you will find in each case massive shorting by these bankers in either their firm trading accounts, their own accounts or both. The whole banker suicide story has been hushed up.
Financial Engineering.
I love the way terms and meanings get softer with each passing generation. My generation called it Creative Accounting. The generation before me called it cooking the books.
It’s Nov 29th 9.28 am. S+P futures now down only -2.50 but the Dow futures are down -44, this just might be a brand new indicator. In a few weeks we will know for sure.
This is my penny a share theory on how to take from the rich and give to the poor. I thought of it 2 decades or so ago, but the volume on all exchange wasn’t that great. With today volume, at a penny a share every 100 shares equals a buck $1 dollar. That’s a lot of bucks and you could probably do it with options, bonds, and other instruments and I don’t think the rich would even miss the penny. Maybe this is a perfect time to try it, with all the talk going on about taxing the rich more.
The only thing you really need is honest people running the program who will make sure the poor receive the money. Hey! Maybe it could partially replace the welfare and food stamps programs, hey! Wouldn’t that be nice, no more homeless and hungry poor people in the USA. Peru just passed a law, all babies born started this December (2014) get free medical for the first five years of life. Germany is going to start free university education. Come on US you supposed to be the best.
You know when NY lottery started in NY I think the mids 70’s. They said a portion of the proceeds would go to Public Schools. Didn’t happen, Public schools have gone straight down over the years. They are run like slum-lord buildings.
PS I love you, a penny a share. Just a thought.

This blog may break up our marriage. it was written Monday December 29th one week ago. It was timely and prophetic which I told my wife. I ask if you are busy with your work, a travel agency, I would have to put my blog aside till she was free which I always did in the past. but no! she had to expand 24 hours plus watching the Good Wife Show which I also love to watch. now a week later my blog lost timely and prophetic edge.