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The good News is- The recession is over, The bad news is- !The depression has started!


This time QE did not trickle down to the working man. If you want to turn this economy around in 3 months give refunds back to the working man on the income taxes he paid last year.


On march 9th I wrote ITS OVER, that my VSI indicator was flashing red and I saw an Island Reversal on the charts, the after the president’s speech on march 1st, and to buy puts on our list of stocks to short and buy the VIX.


The Island reversal is a sign of exhaustions.


The number of retails store closings is getting bigger and I don’t believe is all due to amazon. What would happen if they started delivering burgers, chicken and pizza by Drones? And no one has mentioned all the jobs that will be lost.


If I had money I would wait until a mall was ready to foreclose or go bankrupt, buy it on the cheap and convert it into an apartment buildings. You already have large indoor and outdoor parking, just add heated swimming pools, kitchens and bedrooms.


Earnings on the 500 S and P stocks have gone nowhere in the last 3 years, but the market is up 33% in 3 years. Either this is the dumbest generation of investors I’ve seen in my 50 years of WALL ST., or I am getting to old for this game.


 Just thoughts..


Gasoline inventories Building to records levels the only place people are driving to is Walmart’s.


Even the upper middle class are shopping there.


Restaurants are dying, Broadway tickets sales are down, art sales down, expensive watch sales down and Miami and Manhattan condo sales are plunging.


My readers know how I feel about most of our political leaders. They are lying, cheating, stealing, Lowlife crooks, and most Americans feel the same.


This pizza gate story is gaining strength, if it turns out to be true it could destroy our country from the inside out.

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