You know Russia is going to invade the Ukraine but my biggest worry is will cost Europe to crumble.

I can’t believe the amount of complacence existing in the market today.

Friday November 21st

Be the first kid on your block to own the Dow 30 video game. On sale in most major retail stores, starting this thanksgiving holiday. Black Friday, Thursday, Saturday or Monday. Nothing is the same anymore. It’s not easy getting old, everything constantly changes and at a faster and faster rate.

Jiggling the Dow

I had a feeling this was going on, but I wasn’t certain until November 13 when the market closed. The Dow was up +40.59 at 17,652, the advancing issues or up stocks were 34%, the declining issues or down stocks were 62%. 4% unchanged.

The NYSE index was down -15.11 or 0.14% which roughly translate into down 30 points + on the Dow. That’s a 70 points difference on a day when there were 2 stocks down for every 1 stock up. That’s a little more than I can swallow. Just remember the Dow index is only 30 stocks. The NYSE is 3,220 stocks.

Everybody out of the pool.

The week before November 13, FX Traders around the world were fired for rigging.

I think they joined forces with the Flash Boys and High Frequency Traders. The up volume was -2,247, 283, 386.

I am telling my people to get out of the market totally.

The Dow is making new highs but the NYSE hasn’t reached its previous high yet.

Wait till these guys realize that you can make more money and faster in a down market. OH BOY!

No October blood bath

Only down about 10%. I was looking for down 15%. Just some blood. All in all is not a bad call.

We were long for over 4 years, got out.

Before the October break, bought stocks

Back at 20 to 30 and in a few cases 40% cheaper. This will be my last discussion on market internals. I would like to start talking about stock selection, options and technical analysis, a great website, had an article out last month saying that the market has been deteriorating since late June, just about the time I put out my sell signal. Everybody out until internals look better maybe during December lows.

Happy Birthday Joanna Banana!

“Am I wrong” yeah yeah yeah yeah, watch the video. The one from Africa, there are several versions, look for the one with elephants on the cover. We have 5 or 6 great American music radio stations here in Peru and between the 5 or 6 stations I can hear music from the 50’s up until todays music.

Latins love our music, when I was younger I couldn’t always catch the words in songs. I thought I had hearing problems until I heard everyone singing “looks like tomatoes” Barry Manilow. But today on You Tube they give you the lyrics. I even check lyrics on old songs to hear what I missed.

Music was always one of my passions. I love today’s music, the words, melody and rhythm. I give it a 90 for the beat. American Bandstand Phila, Penna. But the things that gets me the most about music is , no matter how old a song is when I hear it I immediately remember where I was, the person I was with, and the general feeling , good or bad, that come to my mind,  when that song was popular and naturally all the words.  I can’t remember 5 Spanish words from one day to the next. But I could remember most of the words of hundreds of songs, specially the good parts like “Am I wrong” yeah yeah yeah yeah. Now stay with me and this will all make sense.

I never celebrated my birthdays because I didn’t want to feel older but whenever November rolls around. I start to feel older because it’s my oldest child’s birthday, my beautiful daughter’s birthday. Every year I would call her on or near her birthday and say JoJo tell me slowly how old are you and I would all of a sudden, feel older. This November was especially bad. During the first few days of the month, 88.3 Radio Magica here in Peru played “Jack and Dianne” John Mellencamp. That was the first song my baby ever started singing as a teenager. “Oh yeah! Life goes on even after the thrill of living  is gone”. She sang a little off key.

I can still clearly picture her sitting on the bottom first or second step of the stairs in our living room. There in her blue jeans, she lived in her blue jeans, with her beautiful thick eyebrows just like the actress Ally Mc Graw. Life was changing for young women, no more secretarial school for typing and office skills. Now it was College and competing against men not just working for them.

So to encourage her, at night I would walk in her bedroom and while she was sleeping I would whisper in her ear: “JoJo you could be anything you want to be in life”.

It’s just not fair, time has robbed me. It steals from all of us. She doesn’t wear jeans anymore; she trimmed her eyebrows when she started working in wall St, I was so proud of her, my beautiful teenager is now 46 and she is more beautiful than ever. I still feel like I am 46 even though I am 71, just a lie of time. I guess it’s just not fair.

Happy Birthday Daddy’s beautiful teenager, I still see you that way. Don’t get older cause it makes me feel older. “Oh yeah life goes on”


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