”You ain’t seen nothing yet”

Marcello Frank Anastasi, No Al Jolson said “You ain’t heard nothing yet” The Jazz Singer.

Does anyone remember October Blood Baths?  I am calling for one now.

They were very common in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I remember seeing traders who were normally strong and calm in face of some really bad days which normally occur during a normal trading year. These same traders would physically shake and have trouble speaking a clear coherent and complete sentence. Believe me when I tell you I saw one young trader actually peeing his pants when the office girl only asked him what he wanted to order for lunch. I also remember him yelling back at her, standing there with tears in his eyes while shaking and peeing and screaming at her “Do you know what the fuck is going on?” She had no idea.

I won’t mention his name because I liked him; he was really a nice guy. Even if I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t mention his name only because the whole fucking thing was not a nice thing to remember.  I think of him every October. It’s one my rare bad memories of Wall Street. He didn’t come to work the next day, or the day after that, or the next either. He did come up to the trading dept. four weeks later to apologize for his behavior on that bad day. He also came to say Good Bye. He was leaving New York. He decided that Real Estate was going to be the next hot industry and he thought the Boom was already starting in California which is where he was going to. Boy! Was he right!.

That was in the late 1970’s I was happy for him, I later heard he ended up doing very well. I want to dedicate this story to all our elected assholes in Wash. DC who never put in a full work day and spend most of their time flying around on some sort of perpetual vacation, paid by hard working Americans.

The only time they stop the vacation is when they have to stop and pick-up a bribe or payoff they earned for passing a pork -belly project or a Bridge to nowhere project. And I’ll bet the really crooked politicians buy cheap Real Estate when they know a bill will be passed. But you know what pisses me off they think the American people don’t know this shit goes on. Shame on you. How come they all retire millionaires? It must be all that over time they put-in during their working careers. Oh! And the buildings in Wash. DC must all have sun tanning bulbs as lights.

Enough, I hate when this mean side of me comes out. but it makes me feel so good, I actually breath better and while we are on the subject of assholes, the MBA’s , Quants and so called pundits. September is not the weakest month of the year. October is. During October blood baths, blood runs in the streets caused by selling panics which usually exhaust themselves by mid-month or later in the month causing a sharp snap-back upward movement and thus showing a not so big % downward end result for the month.

To all those I love, things will get worse before they get better and I said it in my second or third blog. God Loves this great country, we will be back on top again. I also believe God elected every president we had, including Obama. I felt bad during the Bush Gore Election. God had to re-arrange all those hanging chads on the voting cards in Florida. I am a democrat but God put Bush in because he knew Gore would never retaliate the way Bush did. And we would be suffering many terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon. Am i religious? Do I go to church? All I can say is Jesus is my best friend. Obama’s time to shine will come soon and he will go down in the history books as the President Most Loved by the people.  I loved him from day one. “Be not afraid” my fellow Americans

PS.. No, Flushing Red signals was not a mistake, I meant it. I have never seen all 10 of my indicators go all red (SELL) or all black (BUY) they usually just go to a majority, like 6-7-or 8 out of 10. If I am reading them right, Flushing is the right word. Stocks will tank and flushed right down the toilet.

PS PS Do you remember the movie “Grumpy Old Men? Well I was a lot younger when I saw it. It must be at least 20 years old. When I saw it I said, I hope I’ll never get like that and just laughed. I thought it was so funny. Well guess what, I am worse than that, at times I have no patience and everything annoys me. Then there are times when i get so piss-off I get crazy. I guess I am trying to explain my rage against our political leaders in Wash. DC, but I do notice one good thing about getting old” You care but you really don’t give a shit”

Joan Rivers, no one makes me laugh like you did.!

I will miss you. Her charitable works are unbelievable. Search them on Google.

God Bless you Joan


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